Cybersecurity month tip # 2 – Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is a way to double lock your account. Instead of relying on one level of security (your password) it also requires something you have, like your cell phone or printed codes. Together these two things ensure that the person attempting to log onto your account is really… Continue reading »


    October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month Learn the small actions you can take that will make a big difference to your online security at home and at Williams. WEEK 1 – PHISHING – Don’t give up your usernames, passwords or financial information due to an… Continue reading »

2016 Movie Madness Competition

“Billy” Returns for 2016 2011 Billy Award The CET and OIT are pleased to announce the kick-off of our 2016 short film competition. Tap into your creativity now! Win yourself a gleaming gold & purple “Billy” trophy as well as $100 in media gear from B and H Photo!… Continue reading »

Wired Ethernet jacks in Dorm Rooms

Information Technology Committee and College Council have approved changing to an opt-in system to have a live Ethernet jack. Ethernet jacks in common rooms will remain activated. If you want to request that your Ethernet jack be activated fill out the Data Jack Activation Request form from (on… Continue reading »