Computer recycle and reuse project starts Wednesday

OIT will be accepting old computer equipment at the college Agway barn next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hours are from 12:30 to 2:30. A Williams ID is required to drop off equipment. We can only accept personal computing equipment, not items from businesses. The program run Wednesday, Thursday… Continue reading »

Email Phishing Scam: Williams College Email Services Restored!

This is a dangerous phishing email which includes some realistic looking information.  Please just delete the email. How are the easy ways to tell this was fake? If you hover your mouse over the Williams webmail link or link you would see it redirects to // The college domain… Continue reading »

Dangerous Facebook phishing emails

Several people on campus have already fallen for it.  You may receive an email with the subject “Somebody mentioned you on Facebook”.  It likely will be from someone you are already friends with on Facebook. Do not follow any of the links in the email and do not install anything… Continue reading »

Subject: hi prnt… phishing scam

Many are reporting having received emails that appear to have been sent by their own email address with the Subject Line: hi prnt Please delete this newest of phishing attempts. For more information about phishing emails check out: Phishing Emails If you did reply to one please… Continue reading »

Campus File Services Upgrade

We are replacing our old Novell file services (Hector, Helen, Achilles, Athena and Tyrone – F, G and P drives). Since last September OIT has been researching and evaluating this change, and will be working with college departments to transition you to the new service over the next four months. Continue reading »

Fraudulent “Toner” Calls

We have received several reports from departmental admins about a Scott Thomas from Corporate Services calling in regards to toner purchases.  He is telling them that he has their pcard information and that he is going to charge them, he just needs to confirm the pcard number. This is yet another… Continue reading »

Document 2 spam emails

In a new twist many people are receiving emails that appear to be from themselves with the subject “Document 2”. In some cases there is an attachment “Removed Attachment.txt” or “Document” Please delete these emails. What are the easy ways to tell that these are fake? 1 – Most… Continue reading »

Phishing Phone Calls…

OIT has received reports of suspicious phone calls where the caller mentions a name on campus and a department.  As with suspicious emails that ask for information, the same guidelines apply to calls, texts, etc. Do not supply personal information, usernames and passwords. If you do receive a call that sounds… Continue reading »

Phishing Attempt-“Email Mentainance”

Another round of phishing has arrived in many Inboxes over the weekend.  The body of the email contains the follow: “Your email account has used 90% of its allowable storage space. Once your account exceeds the allowable storage space you will be unable to receive any email. ” The from… Continue reading »

The Human Resources system has a new look to it!

The Human Resources system has a new look to it, including the login page, which now has a blue background.  This is due to this weekend’s upgrade of the system. The URL continues to be We’d like to take this opportunity to remind faculty and staff to… Continue reading »

Issue Commands when voice typing in Google Docs

Posted by Google: 24 Feb 2016 11:33 AM PST In Google Docs, you don’t need to type to put words on a page—you can simply talk. But as any good employee knows, crafting an effective document takes a whole lot more than simply adding text. The process may… Continue reading »

February Security Post: concerns when traveling

People are frequently more vulnerable when traveling because a break from their regular routine or encounters with unfamiliar situations often result in less cautious behavior. And of course the locations you travel to may have higher rates of theft than Williamstown Ma. These five tips can help you protect yourself… Continue reading »

PeopleSoft Human Resources system upgrade starts Friday, 2/26

The PeopleSoft Human Resources system, including time reporting and approval capabilities, will be upgraded this weekend. The system will become unavailable at noon on Friday, February, 26th. It should be back online by Sunday evening. The URL for logging in will remain the same (  The login page background will… Continue reading »

Two new security features for Gmail coming soon

On February 9th, Safe Internet Day, Google announced two new security features to Gmail that will roll out to Google Apps customers in the coming weeks. First, users who receive a message from―or are composing a message to―someone whose email service doesn’t support an encrypted connection (TLS) will soon see… Continue reading »

Shared Google Drive phishing email

On Friday night we started receiving phishing emails asking a user to read a private message.  Following the link would take you to a fake Google login screen.  If you did try to log in to that page you will need to change your password right away. What are the… Continue reading »

Security awareness: Guard your privacy online

Educause has created an Annual Campus Security Awareness Campaign. Piggybacking on this program, OIT will present monthly security posts designed to help the Williams community work with technology in a safe and efficient manner. January’s edition (a few days late) is on online privacy. There are many precautions end users… Continue reading »