OIT Summer Maintenance Day - July 28th

Saturday, July 28th is OIT’s annual summer maintenance day.  Between 5:45 am and 9:45am there will be several network outages that will make most OIT services (from the Jesup Data Center) sporadically unavailable. During these 4 hours it is best to plan that NO OIT services will be available.   Google applications (including email, calendar and drive) will not be affected during this maintenance, however if you are on campus your access to these services during this 4 hour period may be impacted periodically.  Other cloud based services that use our campus authentication sources may be impacted during this window as well.

For the rest of the day, between 9:45am and 4:00pm, we will be updating some of the systems and networks that serve you and the campus.  We do not anticipate that you will notice this work, but we wanted to make you aware.  To protect you and improve 911 service, we also will be visiting a small number of buildings to document phone locations and network mappings.  OIT staff may need to enter some offices to verify this information.

For more detailed information about the work we will be doing on this day and over the summer please visit the OIT web page at http://oit.williams.edu and look under announcements.

We do this critical work to make sure everything is working well for our community for the upcoming year and at this time to minimize the impact on you.  As always, if this poses an issue for you or your department please contact me as soon as possible, if possible we will try to help reduce the impact on your work.  Thank you

– Edward Nowlan
  Director of Networks and Systems