October is Cybersecurity awareness month - Get Smart!

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

As part of promoting cybersecurity at Williams we will be sending out a number daily messages this month on a variety of topics. This week is phishing: Every day we are barraged with technology scams. Avoid giving up your own personal information or that of the college by being aware.

Phishing emails are constant and will continue to get more sophisticated. You can identify them individually or you can adopt a skeptical approach – why is this email asking me to provide credentials or to log in.
It can be easy for you to identify these:
It only takes one person to respond with their credentials to have a dramatic effect on campus communications and security. When in doubt, check it out.
Seth — Director of Desktop Systems Office for Information Technology Williams College

This message was sent to Students, Faculty, and Staff on October 13, 2015 by Seth Rogers, Ofc for Information Technology.