Many may have received an email with the subject line of   “**PLEASE READ** EMPLOYEES SURVEY REPORT 2018” .  In some cases Google marked this as SPAM (which is good).

In case it wasn’t clear, the email was a scam.
Google quickly blocked the fake site in the message but in case you did get to the site and entered any credentials please contact OIT and change your password now.  You can contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 413-597-4090.
How could you tell this was a scam?
  • You were not expecting an email like this
  • The message is generic, not even mentioning Williams
  • Grammar is awkward
  • The message is from [email protected]
  • The link in the message is obfuscated (behind SURVEY) but if you hover your mouse over it you’d see the destination address is – that does not look like a survey site.  The domain of a web page is the first two words preceding the first single slash, in this case