New Gmail Interface Available

The option to try the new Gmail web interface has been enabled for our domain. While logged into your Williams Gmail via a web browser, an option to “Try the new Williams College Mail” will appear under the ‘Gear’ menu in the upper-right.

The new Gmail has a cleaner, more modern look and has added features that have been frequently requested.  Here is a link to Google’s information page on the new interface/features as well as a couple of good articles from other sources that cover many of the new features:

At this point you can try the ‘new’ Gmail and then go back to the ‘classic’ version via a link in the same place under the gear menu when you have the new User Interface enabled. At some point, just like with the new Calendar, everyone will be moved to the new interface and the ‘classic’ version will no longer be available. As of this writing, Google has not made any announcement as to when that will happen.