Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Fatigue Attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Fatigue Attacks – What they are, what they mean, and what to do.

If you’ve been paying attention to securing your information, you’ve likely heard to use a second-factor with your authentication, going a step beyond the traditional credential pair of a username and password and using multiple factors. MFA is still highly recommended, as it protects you from the casual shoulder surfer, accidental disclosures and even targeted attacks. Unfortunately, even MFA can be compromised with an exploit that relies on the most vulnerable component in this system: the person.

Our friends at Princeton University have an excellent yet short (~2:00) video that explains MFA Fatigue attacks. Instead of more words from me, please check it out:


Note: Please do not email Princeton’s OIT if you are the victim of MFA Fatigue attacks. Contact us at itsupport​@williams​.edu or 413-597-4090. Students, please contact stchelp​@williams​.edu or 413-597-3088 if this happens to you.