More Phishing: "Prompt response required! Past due inv. #HTD361049595"

Another round of phishing has arrived in many of our Inboxes today.

Subject Line: Prompt response required! Past due inv. #HTD361049595



I am showing that invoice HTD361049595 is past due. Can you tell me when this invoice is scheduled for payment?

Thank you,

Jake Gill

Accounts Receivable Department


(658) 707 4463

We have been receiving reports of many receiving these scam emails. You can simply delete the message.

How can you easily tell this is a scam?

The subject line does not follow OIT standards.
If you hover your mouse over the Click here link (without clicking) you will see the web address it directs to, which is clearly not a Williams address.
When in doubt please forward a copy of the email to [email protected].
For more information about how to identify a phishing attempt go to: