Might you get a new phone over the holiday break?

When you replace your cell phone use it one last time to log in and add your new phone to Okta before getting rid of it. If you no longer have the old phone contact [email protected] or x4090 for help.

  • Don't lose access to your Williams account!  If you are replacing your device or phone which you use to authenticate to Okta, please remember to log in one last time in order to setup your new phone. More detailed directions are located on the OIT website.

    As always if you find yourself in a pickle email [email protected] or call 413 597 4090 to leave a message.  OIT staff will be monitoring email and voicemail and will get back to you.

    To change your Okta phone or device: First log into the Williams Okta dashboard here: https://sso.williams.edu/. In the upper right of click on your name (Williams). Choose settings from the menu. Look in the Security Methods section for Okta Verify or the other MFA methods. They will have a "Set up another" or "Set up" button. You can use these options to add another device (new phone) then remove a device you no longer use.