MacOS 11.0 codename Big Sur

macOS Big Sur (11.0)

Apple released macOS 11 Big Sur as an optional upgrade on November 12, 2020.

Because our Sophos antivirus software is not yet compatible with Big Sur, please postpone upgrading any College-owned Macs until a Sophos upgrade is available.

Other software known to be incompatible include 32 bit (older) applications like Office 2016 and likely any non-Williams programs made before 2016.

If you choose to install Big Sur on a home computer please make a full time-machine backup and have your most important files saved in the cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox or iCloud) before running.
This is an opportunity for us to remind the campus that we also recommend you switch from mail clients like Mac Mail and Thunderbird to gmail in Chrome and the gmail app on phones.  Some of the benefits of gmail or the Google mail app on phones are:
  • Gmail is much much faster
  • Search functionality is done on the server and it will search every message you ever sent or received – searching in a mail client like Mac Mail or Outlook is done locally by your computer and then only for email which has already been downloaded (read on that phone or computer)
  • Gmail will look exactly the same regardless of device or computer
  • Contacts and Calendar are integrated and also will be available on whatever computer you are on
  • Using any mail client is going to take up valuable disk space on your computer – this is especially problematic for people with Mac laptops
  • Gmail has extra features like scheduled send
  • Gmail will not download old viruses and malware you may have in your email to your computer
  • Filtering and blocking is done on the server, so messages you don’t want will never make it to your  computer

If you’re ready to make the switch to gmail, or just want to learn more about the process, please contact OIT support at [email protected]