Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra and Purple Air

A recent update to Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) is causing problems for some people when connecting to the Purple Air wireless network.  OIT has discovered the source of the problem and has developed a process that should resolve the issue.

  • First, turn off your wifi



  • Open your Macintosh HD
  • Library folder
  • Preferences folder
  • System Configuration folder
  • Select the files that start out named:……(there may be one to three of these, select them all)


  • Drag those files to the Trash
  • You will get an authentication warning, leave the username as it is and type in your Macintosh password


  • Reboot the computer, then go to the wireless icon and select Purple Air
  • If prompted to log in put in your short username and email password.

If you have any trouble please contact us:

Students call x3088 or email [email protected]

Faculty and staff call x4090 or email [email protected]