Jesup Data Center Repair on 1/25 & 1/26

Urgent data center repairs will occur on January 25th, 2020 (Saturday) and 26th, 2020 (Sunday), Jesup Hall will be closed both days.  On Saturday the 25th, campus WiFi and Internet access will be working, but the data center must be shut down to do this work.  No core administrative systems (student records, human resources, financials), network file storage, or any other local services will be available.  On Sunday the 26th, core administrative systems will be available, but not all local services.  All services will be restored before 8:00 am Monday morning.

Internet access from personal computers will be available, including GMail, and Google Drive, and other off-campus services.

Note: This page will be edited as the project plan develops.

Project Schedule

Date Time Description
1/21/2020 Migrate Critical Systems to on-campus disaster recovery facility (Those systems that will keep WiFi and Internet working)
1/24/2020 17:00 All test and non-critical systems in the data center will be shut down
1/25/2020 05:00 Shutdown all remaining systems in the data center, this must be completed no later than 6:45 am
1/25/2020 07:00 Electrical contractors start work, all power to data center is turned off, work begins on battery backups (UPS1) and power transfer switches (ATS1 and ATS2)
1/25/2020 19:00 Above work is completed, and partial power is restored to data center.
1/25/2020 20:00 OIT staff test systems to verify they have returned to normal operation (non-critical and test systems will remain off)
1/26/2020 07:00 Electrical contractors start work on UPS2.
1/26/2020 19:00 Electrical contractors finish work on UPS2
1/26/2020 19:00 All systems are powered back online
1/26/2020 20:00 OIT staff test all systems to verify they have returned to normal operation 


Services that will remain available through this work:

  • Wireless (Eduroam, PurpleAir, Guest)
  • Internet
  • Authentication services (all services that use Williams as the authentication source will remain up, Google, individual workstations, etc)
  • Proxy
  • EZProxy
  • Printing

Services/Applications that will be unavailable during the work on Saturday:

  • All core administrative applications (Finance, HR, Student)
  • bswift benefits
  • Room Scheduler
  • Medicat student kiosks in Thompson Health Center
  • The following websites
    • Course Catalog
    • People Directory
    • eGallery WCMA collection search
    • All sites
  • Vectorworks
  • High Performance Computer Cluster (HPCC)