January workshop series

January 5, 10:00-1:00, Faculty House:  Grant-writing
Jennifer Hermanski from the Office of Corporate and Foundations relations and the Dean of Faculty’s office will give an overview of funding opportunities both on and off-campus, and the resources we have to help you find appropriate funding agencies, as well as help you with your grant writing and management.  We’ll hear from colleagues who’ve been successful at obtaining external funding, as well as others who’ve served as grant reviewers on what makes for a compelling proposal.  We’ll have a chance to review some sample proposals as well.
January 1210:00-1:00, Sawyer 269:  Collaboration in teaching and research.
We’ll hear from colleagues including Katie Kent and David Morris on the use of a few different tools that can facilitate collaborative work. OIT and library staff will provide an introduction to sharing citation libraries, get an introduction to some Google apps resources (for sharing files, datasets, parallel editing of documents), learn about some ways that Glow can facilitate collaborative work in courses, and learn a bit about remote and mobile access to Williams resources (for sabbatical years for instance).
January 1910:00-1:00, Sawyer 328:  How to work with data, how to present data. 
This is your chance to learn some of those basic spreadsheet skills you’ve always wanted to!  We’ll provide some sample data sets and show you some things that you can do: how to make some basic graphs/plots (grade distributions in courses for instance), how to perform some basic manipulations on data (how to calculate semester totals, how to sort data), and how to apply some of these tools to different kinds of datasets.  We’ll hear from Leslie Brown and Bill Wagner on some of the ways that they’ve made use of these tools.  We’ll also hear from Matt Carter on some things to keep in mind when presenting data visually.
January 2610:00-1:00, CET 276: Non-traditional media in teaching and research.  
We’ll hear from colleagues including Steve Levin, Anjuli Kolb, and Keith McPartland, and Kathryn Ringer-Hilfinger on some of the ways that they’ve gotten creative with non-traditional media in their courses.  We’ll hear about ways to design assignments to elicit video as responses, get an introduction to the new lightboard technology that OIT has been working on bringing on-line, and hear about some ways to use social media in classes.
Again, please RSVP for any workshops you’d like to attend here.  If demand is higher than we can manage, we’ll try to find another time to run the workshops.  If you have ideas for other topics that you’d like to see covered, there’s space to indicate that in the RSVP form, or you can send me your suggestions directly.