It's finally time - removal of "Pending Deletion" accounts and Google Drive files

The time has finally come to delete over 1200 old student accounts.  The College needs to remove these accounts and files to make room for new student classes.

For over 18 months these Google accounts and drive files have been labeled “Pending Deletion”.  Many hundreds of notifications have gone out to departments and individuals.  Lists of files that will be removed have been shared with all affected faculty and staff.  Many terabytes of data and thousands of files have been moved, preserved or had their ownership changed.

At this point the files which will be deleted are blocked from access and not visible.  If you notice something important missing, now is the time to alert OIT at [email protected].

After one week, on July 17 these files will be removed.  This circuition never really ends so once this batch is gone the class of ’24 accounts will be labeled “Pending Deletion” and the files will become read-only.  OIT will again communicate with faculty and staff who have access to these files to perform a review.  Once that review is done these accounts and files will also be deleted, later in the Fall.

If you have any questions about Google accounts or files which are “Pending Deletion” please contact us at [email protected]

Regards, Seth

Director of Client Services, Office for Information Technology