Important! Windows and Mac OS updates- verify NOW

Along with the WannaCry cryptolocker vulnerability from May the recent cracking of the WPA2 wi-fi security protocol is a reminder that Operating System updates are one of the main protections against such threats. Please take the time RIGHT NOW to verify your Mac or PC computer is up to date.

Simple instructions on running or checking for updates:

You may want to be familiar with the current wi-fi threat, being called KRACK:

SANS says there are no reports of it being exploited yet. It’s also a local threat meaning someone would have to come to Williams and set up a special network to trick anyone. We have some protection against such a configuration. This doesn’t protect anyone’s home network however, and there are patches available for Microsoft computers which will stop the threat at the computer level. Apple has stated they will release updates shortly. It is important to remember that part of installing updates is rebooting the computer. Often the computer will stay in a vulnerable state until it is restarted. You should be in the habit of restarting your computer at least once a week.