Google Data and Quotas for 2022

Google Data Storage

Google is placing a quota for drive storage on all educational institutions starting July 1st. Why?  More data requires more servers and more electricity, consuming more energy; Google is hoping to limit this growth.

Because of this, student accounts at Williams are being limited to 15GB, which is the same as the limit Google places on the accounts they offer to the public. If you reach your quota, you’ll still be able to receive email but will have to remove old files before adding new ones. Quotas are being turned on now for the class of 2026, then gradually for the other classes to give them time to clean up their files.

Information on how to view and manage your current Google storage is available at  our Google Drive and Storage Management page

We will all need to work together to keep our campus data below the limit and keep our accounts functioning fully. If we hit our limit, the only Google App that will continue to function is Gmail.