GLOW (Course Management System)

GLOW Immersive Reader

Introduction The Immersive Reader feature provides every GLOW user a set of customizable tools to enhance their academic access. Immersive Reader supports fluency for multilingual students with translation tools; offers text decoding features for students with dyslexia; provides text-to-speech audio; and includes visual scaffolding options to improve reading comprehension and… Continue reading »

GLOW New Quizzes

A new quizzing tool (New Quizzes) is now available to all instructors on GLOW. You will be asked to choose between New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes when you add a new quiz item. The New Quizzes will become the default version and the Classic Quizzes will retire by June, 2024. Continue reading »

Faculty and Staff pronouns in PeopleSoft Student Records and Glow

Previously, we added the ability for students to store their pronouns in our student records system, for use on class rosters and in the Glow learning management system.  We’re now providing the same capability for faculty and staff.  At present, faculty and staff pronouns are used only in Glow, though… Continue reading »

GLOW Teaching & Learning Center

What is GLOW? GLOW (Canvas) is Williams’ learning management system, a suite of integrated tools for online learning and interaction. All academic courses (and many other campus programs) have GLOW spaces. A GLOW course can help faculty streamline how they provide course materials, communicate and interact with students, and collect… Continue reading »