GLOW: New Rich Content Editor (RCE) - Fall 2020

New Rich Content Editor (RCE) — Fall 2020

You will see two significant changes:

  • Content Selector – These menu tools used to appear on the right side of your screen, but are now conveniently embedded within the new RCE toolbar.
  • Media Options – Although built-in media tools are available from the Record/Upload Media tool, if you want to access Panopto (Course Media Gallery), Khan Academy, TED Ed, etc. you should use the new App tool instead. 

This video from Case Western demonstrates the changes in comparison to the older Rich Content Editor (RCE.)  

New Rich Content Editor

View New Rich Content Editor

When creating or editing an announcementassignmentdiscussionpagequiz, or syllabus, the New Rich Content Editor opens by default.


How to create hyperlinks to course content

Open Course Links

In the toolbar, click the Links icon [1] and select the Course Links option [2].
Note: To view the Links icon, you may have to click the Options icon [3].

Open Media Upload Tool

Open Media Upload Tool

Click the Record/Upload Media icon [1] and select the Upload/Record Media option [2].
Note: To view the Record/Upload Media icon, you may have to click the Options icon [3].

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