GLOW — New Features of Assignments and Quizzes (Spring 2021)

How do I avoid implicit bias in Grading? Can I reassign submissions after making comments/feedback? If you are wondering, take a look at these new features that have been implemented recently on Glow.

  • Anonymous Grading: Selecting the anonymous grading option hides student names from graders when they view assignment submissions in SpeedGrader.
  • Anonymous Instructor Annotations: When students view a submission with anonymous instructor annotations in DocViewer, comments do not display an instructor’s name. (This feature may be useful when you have your TAs grade assignments.)
  • Submission Reassignments: In SpeedGrader, instructors can reassign an assignment with a due date to an individual student and ask them to redo their submission.
  • Webcam Submissions: In File Upload assignments, students can use their webcam to submit an assignment, which allows them to take a picture of a hand-written response.