Faculty and Staff pronouns in PeopleSoft Student Records and Glow

Previously, we added the ability for students to store their pronouns in our student records system, for use on class rosters and in the Glow learning management system.  We’re now providing the same capability for faculty and staff.  At present, faculty and staff pronouns are used only in Glow, though we expect use to expand over time.

You can select a set of three pronouns for subjective, objective, and possessive cases (for example, they/them/theirs) or enter your own set.

To do so:

1. Log in to the student records system (https://sarah.williams.edu).

Note: All faculty and staff can do this, the same way that you log in to the HR system.

2. Click on the Profile tile and then click the Biographic tab.

3. Click Pronouns.

4. Select a set of pronouns from the drop-down list.

Note: To enter your own set of three pronouns, select ‘Another’

5. Click Save