Enjoy the summer, but don't let your software updates go on vacation!

It is always a good practice to keep the software you use, both professionally and personally, update to date with the most recent version from the manufacturer. This is true for Operating Systems such as iOS, MacOS and Windows 10, as well as apps that are installed within them. Security researchers (or cyber criminals) find the problems with the software, causing the vendor to issue updates, which we must take the initiative to install.

This is doubly important right now for Windows users. A few weeks ago, a new vulnerability dubbed PrintNightmares was disclosed, and Microsoft has issued an update to their platforms. Their most recent update squashes many bugs and vulnerabilities, and is widely seen as an urgent update to apply.

Please make sure you run your updates when prompted (look for red badges or notifications) and for those using Windows, please take a few moments to go to Settings, then Update & Security and choose “Install now” at a convenient time for you.

Thank you for helping to keep Williams safe and secure!