Disasters and Data Breaches, Watch for Scams

No doubt you’ve seen the headlines about the data breach at Equifax, a credit-reporting company, which affects as many as 143 million individuals. While there is no correlation between Williams and this breach, we wanted to take a few moments to increase awareness of the situation, which may likely impact many of our faculty, staff and students due to the number of records exposed.

For specific information concerning the breach, please visit: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/ which includes information about the incident and the option to enroll in identity theft protection.

As with any major news incident such as this one or others such as hurricane relief efforts, there will likely be a corresponding increase in individuals trying to gather information about you and your accounts via related phishing messages, so always be on the watch for anything questionable and think before you click!

If you receive a questionable email please forward it to [email protected] so our trained staff can check it out.

Thanks for your assistance and vigilance,

Seth Rogers
Director of Desktop Systems
Office for Information Technology