Computer recycle and reuse project starts Wednesday

OIT will be accepting old computer equipment at the college Agway barn next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hours are from 12:30 to 2:30. A Williams ID is required to drop off equipment. We can only accept personal computing equipment, not items from businesses.

The program run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday June 1, 2, 3.

Please do not put your computer equipment in the trash OR in the college donation pods. It’s not environmentally responsible and it’s not safe – someone could grab your computer, boot it up and read all your files. Even if your computer is broken someone could easily take the drive out and retrieve sensitive information.

Computers we receive will have their harddrives removed and destroyed to eliminate the possibility of data theft. Equipment which can be reused will be refurbished by OIT and donated to local schools and non-profit organizations. The rest will be removed by a recycling firm. A Williams I.D. is required to drop off equipment. We do not have the capacity to handle items from businesses.

What can you drop off? Printers, monitors and computer peripherals like scanners and external drives are accepted. DO NOT BRING APPLIANCES like TVs, VCRs, Microwaves, etc. If it wasn’t hooked to a computer please don’t bring it.

Where is the “Agway barn”? At the end of Spring street stay to the right, go past Dennison gate house and turn left into the shed area.

Questions? Email [email protected]