Chrome update generates warnings on "managed" accounts and new profiles

A recent Chrome browser update is generating two new pop up messages.  The first is a warning on “managed” accounts.  The message states “Your organization will manage this profile”.  The message is misleading.  Williams, as a Google Education site, does manage our Google accounts but does nothing with Chrome profiles or browser data.

In most cases you will want to have the “Keep local browsing data” option CHECKED, then click Continue.  If you do not have this box checked then Chrome will create a second profile for you without your bookmarks, homepages and settings.  This can be very confusing.



If you do end up with a blank Chrome profile you can switch back to the one with your data from the profile section of Chrome (in the top right directly to the left of the three vertical dots).


A second warning may occur if you log in to a personal gmail account in Chrome.   The message there will ask if you want to “Continue in a new Chrome profile”.  If you select OK here then a new profile will be created, again without your bookmarks, homepages or settings.  In most cases you will want to choose No thanks unless you really do want to have a “separate” Chrome browser, one for work and one for your other account.

These messages are being generated due to a Chrome update and are affecting all Google Education sites.  Please reach out to Client Services at [email protected] if you have any questions.