Changes to the way Zoom recordings move into Glow

Williams first subscribed to Zoom in the early days of the pandemic to support remote teaching, and it was set up so that cloud-recorded Zoom meetings were automatically uploaded to Glow and Panopto. (Panopto is the video streaming service used by Glow.) At the time, that made good sense, since Zoom was overwhelmingly used for classes and instruction.

However, Zoom is now used across the campus in many different contexts, and automatically moving all those hours of Zoom footage into Glow unnecessarily uses up our storage in Panopto. To that end, on December 12th the automatic connection between Zoom recordings and Glow will be stopped. Instead, you’ll either have to manually opt-in if you want all your Zoom recordings to continue to move into Glow, or you’ll need to manually upload individual recordings. If you don’t need your Zoom recordings to go to Glow or Panopto then you don’t need to do anything and can stop reading! Otherwise, the link below will help you decide which is the best approach and provides further links to instructions for making it happen.

Remember, you won’t be able to opt-in until the 12th, but you can email itech​​@williams​​.edu with questions at any time.

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