Power down computers for the campus wide electrical outage 8-25-2021 at 4pm


Continued work near the Heating Plant relating to the Interconnection Project being coordinated with National Grid will require an 3-7 hour power outage to test safety devices within our main switch gear. The date for the scheduled power outage:  August 25, 2021, 4PM – duration: 3-7 hours.

Off-campus access to email, the Google Suite, PeopleSoft and other systems will be available as normal. Please contact OIT with any questions relating to these topics: http://oit.williams.edu/.
Buildings that have emergency generators will have power in the same capacity that they normally would during an unplanned power outage.  If you are in an affected building OIT recommends shutting down all desktop computers by 4pm and leaving them off until after the scheduled power disruption. Laptops should be unaffected due to their built in batteries, but desktops will experience sudden power loss.

Although modern computer hardware is highly resilient to power outages it can be problematic if your computer is doing updates or maintenance when power is lost. Also there is the potential for data loss if you have open files.

We have made every effort to schedule the outage in a way that minimizes disruption of critical functions. Thank you for your patience with the inevitable inconvenience this outage will cause. The buildings not included below will not have heat, hot water, electricity or internet during this time.
The buildings that will not be impacted:

• Tyler & Tyler Annex
• Children Center
• Parking Garage
• Poker Flats
• Cole Field House
• Facilities Storage Barn
• Chaffee Tennis
• The Fort – Grad Art
• Milham House
• B&L
• Bookstore
• Jenness House
• Hardy House
• Rice House
• Commercial Properties along Spring Street (excluding The Log). Commercial properties located off Spring Street will not be impacted.
• Faculty Rentals

• Brinsmade House
• Johnson House
• ABC House
• Library Shelving Facility
• College Garage Art Studio (Grundy’s)
• Weston Field House
• Weston Grandstand
• Weston Field
• Williamson Field
• Class of 1937 House
• Sears Bungalow
• Chandler House
• Elm Tree House
• Rosenberg Center (Hopkins Forest)
• Mason House
• Morey House
• Stocking House

If your building is not listed above, you will lose power during the 3-7 hour outage on August 25, 2021.
Please note: the testing procedure is still be reviewed / created with National Grid. Should anything change, this will be communicated in advance.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Jason Moran
Sr. Project Manager
Williams College
(413) 597-4527
[email protected]