Alumni - check to see if your old Google files need to be copied

To recover Google drive space for the college old student accounts are being deleted.

Prior to leaving Williams students were informed on the correct way to save personal data – either Google Transfer, Google Takeout, saving files to a computer or sharing and then making copies.

It may be the case that some students only did the “share” part, sharing their Williams files with their personal Google account.  Those files are about to be deleted.

To check, simply search for files in your Google drive which the title “Pending Deletion”.  This is a direct link to that search:

If you see results of files you’d like to save you will need to “make a copy” of those.  The copy is then owned by your personal account.  Note that making a copy of a folder does not make a copy of the files that it contains, so make sure you do that.  You can select multiple files and folders at the same time and then “make a copy”.

Please do this before Nov 30 for ensure your data is preserved.