Adding printers for Windows computers

Add the new printers:

  • Open the Williams Printers folder on the desktop.
  • Scroll to the bottom (ignore the building folders) and open the WinPrint folder
  • Open your building folder
  • Double click the printers you’d like to add – you may get a Windows Alert, if so please allow the installation to continue
  • Once added, the new printers are identified as printername “on winprint” e.g. “Hollander-2-Konica on winprint”
Remove the old printers:
  • Go to Windows start
  • Settings Gear
  • Devices
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Click and “Remove device” for any printers that say printername “on print” or “on”
  • Leave the new ones which say printername “on winprint” as below