A new method to change and reset your Williams password

Message Summary

Starting January 18 you will use the Okta system to manage your college password.  As you change your password you will sign up to Okta and switch your 2-factor authentication to the Okta Verify app.

Full Message

Starting Jan 18 Okta will be used to manage password changes and assist with a forgotten password. Over the coming months we will continue to add applications to an Okta dashboard you have access to. The dashboard will give you easy access to Williams Apps, cloud services and websites that use your Williams credentials, becoming a one stop shop to the tools you need to do your job.

Benefits include:

  • Access to applications using one set of credentials through single sign-on meaning you will enter your password less frequently as the single Okta login will provide authentication for multiple applications
  • Additional security for critical apps using multi factor authentication (MFA)

Please view our full Okta FAQ page for more information:


And when you want to initiate a password change or are asked by OIT to log in to Okta please follow our instructions for people with existing Williams accounts:


Note that from this moment if you choose or need to change your password you will do it through the Okta interface which involves signing in for the first time and setting up the Okta Verify app for multi-factor authentication.