32-bit "apps" not optimized for Mac - warning

After upgrading your macOS computer to High Sierra 10.13.4 or higher (starting in April 2018), you may see this message the first time you launch certain programs.

Click OK  – this will allow the program to run and you should not see the warning again.

Why is this showing up?  This is a warning from Apple that the program, in its current version, will eventually no longer be compatible with macOS – probably in the next major operating system release. For more details from Apple:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436

Most Williams standard apps are already 64-bit and will not trigger this warning, but a few are still 32-bit.   You may get warnings about:

  • KeyAccess (which allows some specially licensed software to run)
  • Cisco VPN (for connecting to the Williams network from off-campus)
  • Adobe updater

For non-Williams programs or applications you have acquired on your own visit their website for more information about upgrading to a 64-bit version. If the program is no longer being updated by its developer you may want to start looking for an alternative program that is still receiving developer support.  Eventually the program will no longer work with the newer versions of Mac OS.