(Updated 8/13 07:00 AM) Campus Phone System Upgrade -- Monday 8/10/2020 - Thursday 8/13/2020

NOTE: Jabber users will have some issues this  morning due to a problem with one of the upgrades last night.  The upgrade failed, and the server had to created new, some of our custom configuration are not applied yet.  This will include possibly the following:

  • Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Pictures
  • Calendar Integration with Google

You also may note that you get various certificate warnings.  We will be updating the certificates today so in the future those warnings should not re-occur.

We will be working on restoring these sometime this morning from a backup of the old system, and should have this service return to normal operations by 1:00 PM today


OIT will be upgrading the campus phone system on Monday through Thursday.  During the upgrade all services will remain available as our phone system is redundant.

Status updates will be posted on the OIT website.  If you experience issues please contact [email protected].

The Cisco Webex service that is part of the phone system will be retired, you may use Google Meet or Zoom instead.


  • Preliminary work completed, no disruption

Wednesday Schedule:

  • 8:00 AM-Noon
    • Call Manager publisher (Calling)
      • Redundant server – no disruption
    • Unity publisher (Voice Mail)
      • Redundant server – no disruption
    • Contact Center (Vectors/Application)
      • Contact center will route to its failure point all vectors will route to 4444 at security
  • Noon-3:00 PM
    •  Unity subscriber (Voice Mail)
      • Redundant Server – no disruption
    • Presence publisher
      • Redundant Server – disruption only to Jabber clients pointed to this server (wc-pres-pub)
    • Call Manager subscriber 1
      • Redundant server – no disruption
    • Call Manager subscriber 2
      • Redundant server – no disruption
  • 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
    • Presence subscriber
      • Redundant Server – disruption only to Jabber clients pointed to this server (wc-pres-sub)

Known Issues:

  • vmail.williams.edu
    • using the voice mail portal doesn’t work, however if you want to use it to hear your messages you can go to vmail.williams.edu/inbox
    • The portal to configure or change greetings is currently unavailable
  • Jabber
    • Playing voice mail thru jabber may not work.
    • You can call 4000 and enter your pin to play voicemail during the upgrade.