Networks & Systems

Networks and Systems (NetSys) is located in Jesup Hall. NetSys is responsible for maintaining the overall health and security of the College’s network (wired and wireless), telecommunications, central systems and enterprise storage.

This includes the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of the campus cabling infrastructure, network electronics, central servers, client and network operating systems, directory services, network services and applications and the distribution and licensing control of client and network-based commercial software. NetSys also provides support for projects undertaken by other divisions within OIT as well as consulting and systems support for College organizations outside of OIT. It is the goal of NetSys to provide a stable, available computing environment 24-hours per day, 7 days a week, with the exception of pre-arranged downtimes for maintenance and upgrade purposes. NetSys monitors the network and central systems for performance tuning and security purposes and the members of the NetSys staff are on call around-the-clock, year-round to achieve this goal.