Academic Technology Consultants

Academic Technology Consultants at Williams support academic department faculty with their technology needs for teaching and research. This support includes partnering with faculty in the development of their coursework and teaching spaces, and the evaluation and implementation of technology solutions that enrich the learning experience of students or enhance faculty and student research objectives.

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Meet your Consultants!

  • Cory joined Williams in 2016 as our specialist in spatial science and critical geography. He has a B.A. from the University of Vermont in Anthropology / Geography an an M.A. from University of Vermont in Geography. His academic experiences span the social and physical sciences and the humanities, with expertise in areas such as spatial science theory and methods, mapping and remote sensing, GIS, quantitative and qualitative spatial analysis and modelling, the history of cartography, cartographic design and map making, and research design and project management. Before arriving at Williams he provided spatial solutions and support for applied sciences spanning many fields of research across government and private sectors, such as  environmental permitting, site suitability assessment, environmental risk/threat assessment, and probability modeling for species habitat and relocation, probability modeling for pre-contact cultural resources, and other multivariate studies.

    Cory's Academic Consultant Departments: Africana Studies, Anthropology & Sociology, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, Global Studies, History, Latina/o Studies, Maritime Studies (Williams Mystic), and Political Science.

    [email protected] - Sawyer/CET 257  -  x4318

  • Image of Tattiya Maruco

    Tattiya joined Williams College in 2023. She has a M.A. in Psychology (emphasis Social and Research) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Her background is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing from experience in direct teaching; instructional design and academic technology, social science research, and project management. She follows the philosophy that technology is a tool with the ability to amplify existing pedagogy and educator-student connections and promote equity. Tattiya looks forward to working with and supporting faculty with their academic technology needs.

    Tattiya's Academic Consultant Departments: American Studies, Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Jewish Studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

    [email protected] -  Sawyer/CET 256  -  x4534

  • Trevor joined Williams College in 2001. He has a masters degree from Oregon State University in Scientific and Technical Communication, and his undergraduate degree is a BA in Physics. Before coming to Williams Trevor was a high school science teacher in North Carolina and also served in the United States Peace Corps in the country of Jordan. He is interested in data visualization, all things audio, and the instructional design process.

    Trevor's Academic Consultant Departments: Arabic Studies, Art (History/Studio), Astronomy/Astrophysics, Athletics, Dance, Graduate Program in Art History, Music, Physics, Theatre, and the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford.

    [email protected] -  Sawyer/CET 250 -  x2231

  • Gerol Petruzella

    Gerol joined Williams in 2023. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and an M.A. in classical languages, from the University at Buffalo. Before coming to Williams, Gerol was an academic technologist and Canvas (GLOW) admin. He also taught philosophy and ancient languages at the undergraduate level, and was a high school Latin teacher here in Williamstown. He's fascinated by the pedagogical impacts of design; uncovering ways that technologies can implicitly encode, impede, or enable human relations and structures; gamification; sustainable/minimalist computing; and the implications of Aristotle's use of makaria in the Nicomachean Ethics. Gerol can't wait to engage in creative dialogue with faculty to uncover technology's relevance to their specific research and teaching priorities.

    Gerol's Academic Consultant Departments: Biology, Classics, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, English, Justice and Law, Leadership Studies, Philosophy, and Religion.

    [email protected] - Sawyer/CET 251 - x2444

  • Kate is one of the 2023 consultant additions. With a background in instructional design, Kate is a proponent of Open Educational Resources as an academic tool, Universal Design for Learning, and the backwards design process. She has a B.A. in Linguistics from Carleton College and an M.S. in Instructional Design from Quinnipiac University. She is passionate about leveraging technology to facilitate communities of practice, streamline processes of assessment, and enhance the overall experience of learning.

    Kate’s Academic Consultant Departments: Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Economics, German and Russian, Political economy, Public Health, Romance Languages, Science & Technology Studies

    [email protected] - Sawyer/CET 252 - x4328

  • Jonathan came to Williams in 1997, from the Union of Concerned Scientists where he’d worked as the national Manager of Information Services. Originally hired to manage Williams' Client Services group, he’s worked as the Director of Instructional Technology since 2008, and has a B.A. in Philosophy & Religion from Colgate University and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts. Jonathan is especially interested in helping faculty explore new and innovative teaching tools – he’s a good place to start if you’re not sure where to go for help with a new project, or ask him about using active learning facilities, digital scholarship tools and techniques, or flipped and blended classes.

    Jonathan's Academic Consultant Departments: Williams-Oxford

    [email protected] - Sawyer/CET 249 - x4468