Academic Department Consultants

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Department Academic Technology Consultant
Africana Studies Cory Campbell
American Studies Tattiya Maruco
Anthropology and Sociology Cory Campbell
Arabic Studies Trevor Murphy
Art (History/Studio) Trevor Murphy
Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Kate Richardson
Asian Studies Tattiya Maruco
Asian American Studies Tattiya Maruco
Astronomy/Astrophysics Trevor Murphy
Athletics Trevor Murphy
Biology Gerol Petruzella
Center for Development Economics Kate Richardson
Center for Environmental Studies Cory Campbell
Chemistry Tattiya Maruco
Classics Gerol Petruzella
Cognitive Science Tattiya Maruco
Comparative Literature Gerol Petruzella
Computer Science Gerol Petruzella
Dance Trevor Murphy
Economics Kate Richardson
English Gerol Petruzella
Geosciences Cory Campbell
German and Russian Kate Richardson
Global Studies Cory Campbell
Graduate Program in Art History Trevor Murphy
History Cory Campbell
Humanities Department Jonathan Leamon
Jewish Studies Tattiya Maruco
Justice and Law Gerol Petruzella
Latina/o Studies Cory Campbell
Leadership Studies Gerol Petruzella
Mathematics and Statistics Tattiya Maruco
Music Trevor Murphy
Neuroscience Tattiya Maruco
Philosophy Gerol Petruzella
Physics Trevor Murphy
Political economy Kate Richardson
Political Science Cory Campbell
Psychology Tattiya Maruco
Public Health Kate Richardson
Religion Gerol Petruzella
Romance Languages Kate Richardson
Science & Technology Studies Kate Richardson
Theater Trevor Murphy
Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford Trevor Murphy
Williams-Mystic Cory Campbell
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Tattiya Maruco

Administrative Department Consultants

Department Academic Technology Consultant
62 Center for Theatre and Dance Trevor Murphy
68 Center for Career Exploration Gerol Petruzella
Accessible Education Gerol Petruzella
Center for Global Languages, Literatures & Cultures Kate Richardson
Center for Learning in Action Kate Richardson
Chaplains’ Office Gerol Petruzella
Communications Cory Campbell
Davis Center Tattiya Maruco
Facilities Cory Campbell
Fellowships Gerol Petruzella
Grants Office Tattiya Maruco
Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tattiya Maruco
Integrative Wellbeing Services Tattiya Maruco
Quantitative Skills Programs Tattiya Maruco
Rice Center for Teaching Jonathan Leamon
Science Center David Keiser-Clark
Williams Center at Mt Greylock Gerol Petruzella
Williams College Museum of Art (VRC) Trevor Murphy
Writing Center Gerol Petruzella
Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives Kate Richardson

If you don’t see your department listed or are still not sure who to call, please contact Jonathan Leamon or send an email to [email protected].