Office for Information Technology

Configure your email client for SSL

Email clients like Outlook or Mac Mail can be incorrectly configured to send your username and password in clear rather than encrypted text. Correct settings are at . If you are using an insecure login OIT has contacted you with information on how to make the simple configuration change.

The college webmail site ( does not require any setup or modification; it already uses a secure login.  If you are having problems with sending email you may need to change the SSL setting for the outgoing mail server (SMTP).  The option to not use SSL is often the default setting in Email clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Live Mail, Eudora… or the mail clients on iPhones, Androids and iPads .  You will also need to set the port to: 465. Full instructions on how to set up your mail client for secure logins is available on our documentation page.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol used to protect your information when you send and receive email. When you activate SSL in your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, et al.) your username and password cannot be read by an outside party. In email clients without SSL enabled, passwords appear in ‘clear text.’ This means that someone doing wireless sniffing on an insecure network (like the coffee shop) can capture your password.

If you have problems with making these changes please contact the HelpDesk at 597-4090.