Office for Information Technology

Mac Users: Run Apple Software Updates, now!

You may have heard about the Flashback trojan for Apple computers. We are seeing infections now on the Williams campus. To protect your computer or to remove the infection, run the Software Updates from your Apple menu. OIT recommends that everyone with a Mac do this now.If you have any question please contact us at x.4090.

The Flashback trojan is the first widespread piece of malware seen on Macs in many years. You would get the trojan by accepting a fake Adobe Flash update on a Mac that is not fully patched with Apple software updates. The trojan takes advantage of a security hole in Java. Faculty and Staff computers at Williams have Sophos Anti-virus installed. To check for any further malware, select the Sophos shield icon in your menu bar (near the time) and choose Scan Local Drives. Students can install Sophos from If you have concerns or questions you can contact the faculty staff support desk at or the student support desk at