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Telephone Issues

UPDATE 1:30 pm: As of about 1:10 PM all services have been restored. UPDATE 1:00 PM:  We just received a message from Windstream that they expect to have service fro us restored by 1:30 PM today. UPDATE 11:15 AM:  Last message at 11:00 am from Windstream is that they are still working on the problem, more »

Upgrade of the OIT "Williams Help Desk" ticket system

On Wednesday, May 20th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., OIT will be upgrading our “Williams Help Desk” ticket system. Please do not submit any tickets during this time. You may call the Faculty/Staff Support Desk at x.4090,  the Student Support Desk at x.3088 or email for assistance and we will make sure a ticket is submitted for you once more »

Private Doc phishing email

The email with the subject line “Private Doc” is a phishing attempt. Please delete it. “Hello, I’ve Shared a new file Uploaded to archive with Google icon” If you did follow the “review document here” link you would see that it takes you to a website with a suspicious address (clearly not a address). more »

"Breaking News" phishing attempt

At 12:30 we started receiving emails with the subject “Breaking News”. This is a phishing attempt. Please do not follow the link that is in the body. Simply delete the email. There are several ways to tell this is a fake email. First, the From address (Williams News Update) doesn’t match a logical email address more »

Emergency Downtime notice for April 11 at 6:00 AM

OIT staff have determined that ​the ​​core ​campus ​router is having significant performance issues and that an emergency reboot is required​. We will be doing this work on Saturday morning (April 11th) at 6:00 AM​ ​to minimize the impact​ on our users​. This router takes 30-45 minutes to shutdown and reboot. During this period, the more »

POSTPONED: Change to PurpleAir (wireless) for Faculty/Staff on Thursday 6:30 am

The change to the IP address space for Purple Air scheduled for Thursday morning has been postponed until a later date.    

Change to PurpleAir (wireless) for Faculty/Staff on Thursday 6:30 am

OIT will be changing the IP address space for Purple Air (wireless) for Faculty/Staff. This transition should be seamless. If you do experience a problem, try changing your WiFi selection from Purple Air to some other SSID (from list of available networks) and then change back. When you use the wireless SSID known as Purple more »

Google issue affecting IMAP connections

Google technicians are working on an issue that we reported to them concerning IMAP email having a variety of problems, mainly with deleting messages and sending.  They will notify us once it is resolved. Below is Google’s update: We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are more »

Dangerous emails "Notice of appearance in Court" and "Problem with parcel shipping"

We have received several of these emails in the past day.  The messages have .zip attachments which contain dangerous JavaScript files.  There is no danger in simply reading the email, but please do not open or download the attachment.

New phishing email: Access to your email is about to expire

Several easy ways to spot this one – for one if you hover your mouse over the “Revalidate” link in the email, without clicking on it, you will see below that the address is taking you to httx:// which is clearly not a Williams site.   More information about phishing is available at If you more »

Can't send email? Check your outgoing settings

In February 2015, we turned off our old legacy mail server ( All email clients should be set to use the college GAE server, which is . If you find you cannot send email, check your outgoing settings, or temporarily use gmail by logging in to from a web browser. Specific directions for various mail more »

Reminder: old Glow retires at 4pm today Please log out until 4:30pm

The old version of Glow will be retired, and the new version will take over the main address “”. The conversion will take about half an hour, during which time access to both systems will be sporadic. Please log out of both systems before 4pm. MORE: from Jonathan Morgan-Leamon, Ofc for Information Technology

REMINDER: Possible short disruption of phone system 1/19 6:00PM

We will be testing incoming/outgoing calling on our new phone system Monday evening from 6:00PM to 6:30 PM. During this test, there may be a short disruption of service on our current phone system. We have scheduled a test of our incoming and outgoing lines for Monday, January 19th at 6:00 PM. We will temporarily more »

New phishing attempt: Subject: EMAIL ALERT!

You may find this in your Inbox-   Subject: EMAIL ALERT!, from Dropbox…. It reads: “your mailbox has exceeded its quota/limit you may not be able to receive or send new mails until you re-validate.” Please do NOT  click their link “Click HERE to revalidate your email” or reply to it.   Delete it. For more information more »

Student Network Issues - Updated

Some students were experiencing difficulties with the wireless (Purple Air) and wired campus networks accessing the Internet.  OIT staff have been working all day with our ISP vendors, and have an interim solution in place. We will continue to troubleshoot the issue, and hopefully have a permanent solution by tomorrow. Thank you all for reporting more »