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Changes to Glow

Glow receives periodic updates for security, reliability and usability.  On September 27th there were several changes made to Glow, most notably the link to assignments will no longer appear at the top of the page. Assignments are of course still accessible, but will need to be accessed by going to a course first, and entering more »

Big changes in OIT - who/what is where?

Most iTech staff have moved to the Center for Educational Technology (CET) in Sawyer. The main student help desk is in the CET along with 2 Desktop staff. Faculty and staff can get help in the CET or Jesup. The Jesup faculty/staff support desk has moved to Jesup 317. Jesup iTech staff are on the more »

Faculty Technology Lunch: Using Glow in the Classroom

Prof. Jimmy Blair will present his experiences using the new version of Glow to teach chemistry courses last semester; an open discussion follows. The lunch will be held downstairs in the Faculty House at noon on Tuesday, August 26th Please RSVP to by Aug. 25th as lunch will be provided.

Changing your display name associated with your GAE Mail account

The display name in GAE mail is used to identify you as the email sender when someone receives mail from you. The default in the web version of our new mail system is last name, first name order. e.g. Doe, John. If you are using the web to send mail please consider changing your display more »

Google Apps for Education Email Directory is now fully populated

All college email addresses have now been populated into the GAE directory. Users can find campus email addresses listed in the GAE Directory when using the autocomplete function. You can also browse the Williams email directory via the Directory link on the left side column in the Contacts web app. When you begin to type more »

MacFarlane copier maintenance charges will now go to OIT

To simplify budgeting and payments, all black-and-white and color maintenance contracts will now be paid through OIT. You continue to submit color counts to MacFarlane, but you should not receive bills. MacFarlane has been notified. Department budgets will be adjusted by the Controller’s office to move current funds to OIT. -from Dinny S. Taylor, Ofc for Information Technology

Wired Ethernet jacks in Dorm Rooms

Information Technology Committee and College Council have approved changing to an opt-in system to have a live Ethernet jack. Ethernet jacks in common rooms will remain activated. If you want to request that your Ethernet jack be live when you return in September,  you can make the request by logging into PeopleSoft and go to more »

Signup for basic Williams Gmail and Calendar Training

As Williams College continues the process of moving to Google Apps for Education, OIT is scheduling ongoing training sessions covering the basics of both email and calendaring. MORE: from Michael Richardson, Ofc for Information Technology

Phone outage on Monday July 21, 2014

Yesterday about 900 phone extensions were down from 2:50 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. due to an unexpected failure. We know that everyone depends on phones and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this must have caused you. We are monitoring the system. We plan to have a new phone system by next winter. from Dinny more »

Some of the phones on campus are "down"

Some phones on campus are down with no dialtone. OIT is aware of this and working on the issue.

OIT Summer Downtime on July 26th

Some short network outages across campus from 6:00AM-2:00PM  on July 26th On Saturday, July 26th, OIT will have its annual summer downtime to do some major network and systems work that cannot be done easily during the academic year. Though in the past few years we have minimized downtime, this year we need to have more »

Upperclass student email IS MOVING to Google, but slowly…

If you don’t see your old messages at yet, don’t worry!  Because so much mail is moving for 1500 students (11 million messages!), you may not see it all until 7/7.     But it WILL get there. In the meantime, use to see old messages, but don’t move them around to different folders. if you have questions.

Meeting Maker to Google Migration is Complete!

After months of diligent teamwork OIT has successfully completed the migration of the Meeting Maker calendaring system to the Google Apps for Education (GAE) calendar. Here is a list of interesting stats: Prior to the calendar migration all the 440 Williams employees who used Meeting Maker had to have their email accounts migrated to Google more »

Glow upgrade: New workshop dates and topic

We are pleased to announce new times for the general workshops in July and August as well as new workshops focused on specific topics. For more information or to sign up, please see . Full information about the migration is available at – Jonathan Morgan-Leamon, Ofc for Information Technology

Meeting Maker is moving to GAE calendar on Friday night

Williams’ calendar software moves to Google Apps for Education this Friday. Please be patient next week as people in offices learn the new system. To learn more about our campus-wide calendar migration, go to from Dinny S. Taylor, Ofc for Information Technology