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Shared Google Drive phishing email

On Friday night we started receiving phishing emails asking a user to read a private message.  Following the link would take you to a fake Google login screen.  If you did try to log in to that page you will need to change your password right away. What are the obvious ways I could tell more »

Security awareness: Guard your privacy online

Educause has created an Annual Campus Security Awareness Campaign. Piggybacking on this program, OIT will present monthly security posts designed to help the Williams community work with technology in a safe and efficient manner. January’s edition (a few days late) is on online privacy. There are many precautions end users can take to protect themselves more »

Its That Time Again! Billy is Back!

CET and CLiA are pleased to be sponsoring our annual Movie Madness Short Film Competition! Win up to $100 of media gear from B&H Photo! Get all the info here:


On Saturday 1/23 we started receiving fake emails regarding W2 tax documents.  Please do NOT follow the link in the email.  If you have done so please contact OIT Desktop Systems for assistance. The message was: From: <> Our records indicate that you are enrolled in the Williams College paperless W2 Program. As a more »

Security improvement when remotely accessing office computers

Starting Feb 1 all Remote Desktop Protocol connections (typically Remote Desktop for PC and VNC for Macs) will need to use the Cisco VPN. If you are in an Administrative office you are likely already doing this. But if you connect to your office computer without running the VPN client you will need to start more »

Spear phishing emails - scams that exploit relationships

We’ve recently seen spear phishing emails which appear to come from someone you know, like a supervisor, asking to set up a money transfer or other financial transaction. If this were something you might do as part of your job it may not appear overly suspicious. Spear phishing differs from regular email scams in that more »

Newest SPAM- Subject: Mailbox Update

We have been receiving reports of many receiving these scam emails. You can simply delete the message. How can you easily tell this is a scam? The From address does not make sense. The subject line does not follow OIT standards. If you hover your mouse over the Click here link (without clicking) you will see more »

Extended absence greetings in the new phone system

OIT is changing the default action of an alternate greeting to not accept messages. In the old system you were able to record an extended absence greeting which did not allow the caller to leave you a message. In the new system, an alternate greeting is used but by default it did allow the caller more »

January workshop series

This January, the Dean of Faculty’s office is teaming up with OIT, the Library and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations to offer a series of workshops on a variety of tools and resources that you may not have had a chance to use yet.   The workshops will run on Tuesday mornings during more »

Enabling Voicemail to Email Notification

OIT is happy to announce the availability of voicemail to email notification. Please visit for instructions on how to enable the notification and the different options you have to configure some browsers to play back your messages. If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty Staff Support Desk at x4090 or email

Virus attached to Invoice from PASSION BEAUTY SUPPLY email

We don’t see viruses attached to emails very often anymore due to strong anti-virus filtering at the server level, but one has been delivered to many people at Williams today. If you did receive this email please delete it. What are the easy ways you can tell this email is not legitimate? It’s unlikely you more »

Using the Video Studio and 3D Printing with Your Students

Come to the lunch talk on Friday, December 11th, and see how faculty and students are making use of the new Studio 275 and 3D printing facilities in their classes. Lunch in the FCC (CET/Sawyer Room 276) noon to 1pm on Friday December 11th. RSVP to appreciated as lunch will be provided.

Google Calendar restored for some users

Google reports that Calendar service has already been restored for some users (as far as we know this includes all of Williams), and they expect a resolution for all users by 1:30pm.

Cybersecurity month tip #4 - Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

Contacted out of the blue? Sound too good to be true? Pause and think about it. Online financial scams are the same scams that have been perpetrated for years just made easier through the use of email and social media. Unsolicited email is the starting point for many scams. Before the advent of email, a more »

Last call: 11/4 Google Drive and Docs training 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Learn the basics of Google Drive, and Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. What is Google Drive and when should I use it? What is the differences between MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint and Google Docs, Sheets & Slides and when should I use one over the other? This two hour session will be held from more »