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Electronic Classrooms

Example of classroom control panel

Typical type of control panel for HD classrooms

72 High Definition Classrooms and Counting!

Most standard electronic classrooms on campus have been upgraded to allow faculty, staff and students to connect high definition (HD) presentation devices with HDMI output and to then display the content from the device in true HD resolution.  Most current devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones that have HDMI outputs can connect directly to these new systems.  In addition, many of these rooms include one Mac and one Dell computer connected via HDMI for HD presentation.

Those familiar with our standardized electronic classrooms will find the control panel for the new HD systems familiar.  The new panel includes the square lighted buttons that are found in more than 80 electronic classroom spaces across campus.  Simple on/off buttons for the projector and clearly labelled input selection choices make operating the system straightforward.

In addition to allowing for HD signals to be displayed, these new systems do include VGA connections that provide inputs for laptops with VGA outputs.

The demand for HD presentation systems will increase rapidly in the coming years, driven by the disappearance of analog standard definition development and playback tools such as VHS and DVD players and computers with VGA outputs. As electronic classrooms come up for routine replacement of projectors and controls systems we will continue to upgrade existing standard classrooms to the new HD systems.