Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems/Sciences is a set of tools and techniques for displaying and analyzing both spatial and temporal data in virtually every field. At Williams, GIS is supported in a dedicated lab, through the use of software, in classes, and by Instructional Technology staff. Who can use it? All Williams GIS resources are available to faculty, staff and students. Where is ArcGIS and other GIS and remote sensing software located? The GIS lab is located in the basement of Thompson Biology rm 007 and accessed from the basement hall corridor.  Additional machines with the GIS lab image are available in Clark rm# 1, the new Analytics Lab in Jesup rm# 204 and Analytics 24/7 rm# 201. How do I access it? The ArcGIS software is installed on all the computer lab PCs, campus wide. Faculty and staff may request to have the software installed on their Williams owned machines. While ArcGIS is only available for the PC, it can be run on a Mac by creating a Windows partition with Bootcamp. Senior thesis students may request to have ArcGIS installed on their computer for the academic year. How do I get help? For assistance please email Cory Campbell or call 413-597-4318.

Other GIS Resources:

Courses using GIS or GIS Modules

Local Data Resources (on campus or VPN only)

  • Data from ESRI (ArcGIS), including national and global datasets for basemaps, demographics, infrastructure, etc. (\\files1\ESRIData)
  • Other basemap data specific to New England, MA, NY, CT, RI, VT and CO (\\files1\StateData)

Ready-Made Maps

 GIS Job Announcements!