Printing Posters & Flyers

  • Anything larger than 11" x 17" is considered a poster.

    Organization, club or other promotional posters, as well as department informational posters, should be printed through Print Services (contact

    Academic posters

    Academic posters (e.g. posters used for conference presentations, departmental thesis poster sessions, research poster sessions and specific class assignments) are eligible for free printing through itech. This does not include department informational, decorative posters or personal images. Academic Poster Printing Policy

    For campus academic poster sessions or large class printing please refer to the libguide.

    Poster printing using one of OIT's two plotters requires an appointment made at least 24 hours in advance. We supply double-weight matte paper only, with a maximum width of 36" (one side, paper is on a roll so the other side can be longer).

    Making your 30 minute "plotter" appointment assumes you are ready to print and does not include any time for help creating or finishing your poster layout. For help creating your poster, please check with the "on duty" SMC in the CET area. Faculty may contact their iTech liaison.

    Plotter Location & Hours

    The plotter is located on the second floor of Sawyer Library, Room 244, in the Center for Educational Technology.

    Monday 2pm - 4pm
    Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
    Wednesday 2pm - 4pm
    Thursday 2pm - 4pm
    Friday 10am - 12pm

    Sign up for an appointment

  • Printing vs. Copying

    For large batches, consider having copies made by Print Services - it's far less expensive than printing.  Contact John Shea by phone or email: 413-597-2022 / for more information.

    Printing Flyers

    Standard letter sized flyers (8.5″ x 11″) can be printed on any public printer on campus.  If you need a tabloid size flyer (11″ x 17″ ), you can use one of these printers:

    • 241 Center for Educational Technology (in new Sawyer)
    • 201 Jesup

    All print jobs are routed through PaperCut so you will need sufficient funds for large jobs.

    Tips for flyer printing:

    • Go to the location to print! You should print a single copy first, to check that the formatting and the colors are as expected before printing a large batch. The CET color printer is on a release station so you must be present to print. There is also help on hand in the CET.
    • Be sure to set the correct paper size in the Page Set Up of the document as well as in the printer dialog box.

  • Dates and Deadline:

    During the week of Aug. 7th, 2017 , OIT will NOT take any signup for poster printing appointment. All poster printings for Summer Science Poster Session on Friday, August 11th will be submitted as PDF files using this Form . Your department or your research group may have different timeframes of when your poster should be ready but the deadline for poster printing submission is set as follows:

    Aug. 8th: All poster printing must be submitted via this Form by the end of the day
    Aug. 10th: Your poster will be ready for pickup at CET in Sawyer Library after 12PM

    Only one copy of each poster can be printed. Typos & mistakes do not qualify for a reprint. Please examine a proof of your poster either on 8 1∕2 x 11 or on 11 x 17 paper to ensure everything appears correct before submitting for printing via this Form!

    Poster Size:

    Poster size will be with a maximum width of 36″, one side, paper is on a roll of 36” in width so the other side can be longer, but the recommended poster size is 36” by 36″ (or less).

    PDF File Name:

    The file name of PDF submitted for printing via this Form needs to include your network id plus your Dept. (e.g. for John Doe of Physics Dept, the file name will look like jd1_phys.pdf). If there is an issue opening the file submitted via this Form , you will be contacted.

    Software for Poster Design:

    There are many different software available for poster design but the most popular ones are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign. Just pick one that’s best for you. If you use PowerPoint to create your poster, make sure you set the size of your PowerPoint to be either the recommended size (36” by 36″) or your preferred size. By default, PowerPoint slide is set for printing on 8 1∕2 x 11 paper. Make sure to convert your final version to a pdf file to be submitted.


    OIT has a campus license for which provides in­depth, self­paced instructional videos for a wide range of topics and software including Adobe InDesign and Microsoft PowerPoint. Information on signing up/signing in for is available at

    If you have specific questions or require assistance, please plan on visiting the Student Media Consultant (SMC) on duty in the CET area of Sawyer Library. Issues that SMC can’t handle will be directed to an ITS member.