PC Networking

Before arriving at Williams

Secure your computer – Run Windows Updates
All Windows computers must have current critical updates and anti-virus software.

  • Windows 10: Start menu > Settings > Update & Security
  • Windows 8: Click the Windows button > type update > click the settings field > choose Windows Update.
  • Windows 7 and Vista: Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update or from the Start menu: Windows Update.

Get Sophos Anti-Virus

To download Sophos Anti-virus you will need to log in with your username and password. Other anti-virus software for the PC is acceptable.  If you choose to go with Sophos please remove any existing anti-virus software as the two programs may conflict. Sophos will continue to run and update on your computer even after you leave the college.

Run common software updates

Adobe Reader (if you have it), Adobe Flash and Sun Java (also optional) are particularly noteworthy for getting out of date quickly. Out of date versions leave you vulnerable to web drive-by downloads where malware is installed on your computer simply by viewing a web page.

  • Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash can be updated from Adobe
  • Java can be updated from Sun.

Install Keyserver (optional)

Some academic course related programs require  a “key” to authenticate on our network. The Keyserver client is the component that verifies you are connected to the Williams network to allow these applications to run. When you download software from the OIT software page you can run the applications as long as you are on campus.

After arriving on campus

Get on the wireless!

From your computer join the Purple Air network
You’ll need to authenticate with your short username (e.g. abc13) and password. You will be prompted to accept a certificate (Windows 7) or you will be asked if you expect to see this network (Windows 8 and Windows 10). Click Connect.

Install Policy Key / SafeConnect
After joining Purple Air you will be prompted to download and install the Policy Key software. The Policy Key software monitors whether your computer has up to date anti-virus software and whether you are set to receive Microsoft Critical updates. You will need this running on your computer to join the Williams network.

Academic software

Applications are distributed via web. Simply go to the OIT software site. Not all software is available for students to download.

That’s it. Safe computing!