Mac OS 10.12 codename Sierra

On September 20 Apple released Sierra (Mac OS 10.12). The Office for Information Technology is currently testing this new OS for compatibility with all of our systems. Sierra is an optional upgrade and we ask that you hold off on upgrading until we are confident there are no major breaks.

Known issues:

PaperCut works fine on Sierra but you may see an alert that Java needs to be installed. The dialog box that pops up is misleading as clicking OK seems like the thing to do but you have to click “More Info…” to get to the actual download.  Here is a direct link to the Java runtime update =

Installing applications.  Gatekeeper is the system-wide setting that prevents non-approved apps from being installed on your Mac. In previous version of macOS, you could change the default setting of Gatekeeper to allow any app from anywhere to run. Now, you only have two options for the default, Mac App Store downloaded apps and Apple-approved apps.   Things like our printer installers will likely not run automatically. One workaround is to use a right-click on an app and choose “Open”.

Novell filespace.   Connecting to Netware volumes (Hector, Helen,…) requires that a non-default network port be specified in the connect string. Connecting to the Office Services DropBox folder, for instance, requires the following: