Kace: Patch Management from DELL

Patch management using Kace KBOX from Dell

In 2010 computer virus infections on campus had risen to a dangerous level. This was due to a new threat vector. Most of these infections were from what are known as “drive-by downloads” from internet web sites to unpatched Windows computers. These viruses exploit computers with out of date web plug-ins (primarily Adobe Flash, Acrobat Reader and Sun Java) and are capable of installing themselves with no user interaction.

Previously the threat has been limited to malicious web sites – meaning sites run by hackers, sites you would normally not go to on purpose. That is no longer the case, the threat is now from legitimate web sites which have been compromised.

To address this issue and with the support of the Information Technology Committee, a patch management client named Kace is being installed on all college PCs running Windows. Eventually Macs will also receive the Kace client.

This system allows OIT to remotely push critical updates to your college computer. Besides improving security, this should also be a convenience because the updating of software like Reader, Flash and Java will be much less time consuming.