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Glow Calendar

A Glow calendar can be reached by adding a Calendar Block.

Calendar has 4 types of events.

  • Site (event viewable in all courses – created by Glow administrators)
  • Course (event viewable only to course members – created by instructors)
  • Groups (event viewable only by members of a group – created by instructors)
  • User (personal event a student user can create – viewable only by the user)

Adding closing dates to course activities — assignments, quizzes etc. will cause them to show up in the calendar block as course events. Current date will be outlined.

(Example of a Calendar Page, Expanded month view)

How to add a new event

  • Add a Calendar Block if it does not appear
  • Click month on Calendar to get an expanded month view (an example above)
  • In Calendar view click the New Event button
  • On a New Event page select a Course event and click OK
  • Give an Event name and set the event properties
    •  Click Save changes

    How to delete an existing event

    • Click month on Calendar to get an expanded month view
    • Click the event name that you want to delete
    • Click the red X below the event name to delete it

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