Cisco Jabber Client - What is it?

Jabber is a “presence” client.  Its software that provides you with:

  • Calling (including video)
  • Visual Voicemail & the ability to play/manage voicemail from your computer
  • Chat
  • Presence (knowing when someone is available to call or chat)
  • Integration with Google calendar (currently pc only)
  • Call History
  • Williams Directory
  • Contacts
  • Screen Sharing

Jabber is available for Windows, all versions of Mac iOS that we support and on Apple and Android phones.  Jabber can be a very useful tool for offices that are spread out & for people who aren’t always at their desks (using their cell as their work number).

In order to use Jabber, an account will have to be created for you.  To request an account or if you have any questions, please call the Faculty Staff Support Desk at x4090 or email