Adobe Applications

Adobe offers a bundle of software (including Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, Bridge and others) called “Adobe Creative Cloud”. These applications are available for college-owned computers (e.g., faculty and staff workstations and laptops). Students have access to Adobe apps in the labs and on other college owned, public computers such as those in the libraries.

Students are able to lease (purchase) the software for their personal computers at a discounted rate from Adobe.

Faculty and Staff may lease the Creative Cloud software for home use at a greatly reduced annual rate. The software is licensed for a small fee (~$10) which needs to be renewed annually. See directions below.

Faculty and Staff may request Adobe Apps for their college-provided computers by using the form in the “Installation for College Computers” section below.

  • The Adobe Creative Cloud applications are available for all college-owned computers.

    Mac users can now install the Adobe apps through the Self Service tool which is located in the application folder on Williams issued Mac computers. For more information about the Self service tool go here:

    Windows Users please fill out the following form. The software will then be pushed to your computer.

    If you have questions, please email: or call x4090

    Adobe App Installation Request

    • On PCs right click 'Computer' and click properties. On a Mac click the apple menu > system preferences > sharing.
    • Please select only the apps you need. Note: Acrobat DC (Pro) is already installed on most college computers. Look for Adobe Acrobat DC in All Programs or the Application folder.
    • Optional (If you did not see the app you need please list it here)
  • Students are eligible for a discounted rate from Adobe for their Creative Cloud Suite.

    More information is available at Adobe's site.

  • Our license with Adobe allows faculty and staff to purchase a license for the full Adobe suite for use on a personal home computer at the greatly reduced rate of $10/year.

    Although OIT's budget covers the license for on-campus use, individuals are responsible for purchasing their own home-use license. Note that this home-use license does not extend to students, who have to use the regular Adobe Education store if they want a personal copy.

    College-owned laptops are covered through our regular license even if they are used at home, and software installed on these computers will work on- or off-campus without VPN. You can schedule an installation on a College-owned computer using the form available here on the software download page, otherwise please read on.

    The mechanism that Adobe has provided for installing the software requires several fairly involved steps. In overview, they are

    1. Purchasing a home-use license from a special online store
    2. Using your new license key to download the installer from Adobe
    3. Selecting and installing the software

    The instructions for help when renewing a license that you had purchased a year previous are different.

    Purchasing a Home-Use/Personal License

    Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc), and go to the following page:

    (NOTE:  If you get "There are no products to display...", see the how-to-renew-your-account section below.)

    • This is an online store name Kivuto which is one of Adobe's commercial partners.
      You should see a screen similar to this:
    • Please read the instructions on the page.  When you’re done, click the ‘start shopping’ link at the bottom.
    • If you have not used this site before, you will be asked to pick a username and a password to use with this site.  For security, the password you choose should not be the same password you use for Williams.  If you don’t have an account already, click ‘Register’ below.
    • After clicking register, enter your college email address here ( Note that you must use your college email address. Press ‘Continue’
    • Now, fill out the required information on the next page.  Make sure to select the correct group member in the final box, and note the warning in red at the bottom of the page.
    • On the next screen, you will receive a notice about a confirmation email that was sent to you.
      Please go to your mailbox and open the confirmation email.
    • You will receive an email from ‘Williams College’ with a subject of ‘Email Address Confirmation’.  Please click on the link in the email to register your account.
    • After clicking on the link, you will be directed back to the page, where you will receive a  notification that ‘Your email address has been successfully verified’
    • Please click the ‘start shopping’ link at the bottom of the page, and if prompted, sign in again with your email address and password.  You should then see the following page:
    • Under Faculty/Staff, click Adobe.
    • Then ‘Adobe Creative Cloud’
    • Then on the next page, click the ‘Add to Cart’ in Green text.
    • The price for the entire Adobe Suite should be $9.75, but this may be subject to change. You may also choose the optional extended download for $4.95 more.  The "extended download" option allows you to come back to this site and re-download a copy of the installer for up to a year. This is only useful if you loose the installer and need to make a fresh install. If you are able to keep your own copy of the installer on a thumb drive or CD, you don't need to purchase the extension. Do make sure to hold on to your product key either way, so you can reinstall at a later date. Click ‘check out’ on the right.
    • You’ve come too far to turn back now, so click ‘I Accept’.
    • In the next section, ‘Billing’, fill out your billing information, then click ‘Bill to this Address’ at the bottom of the page.  Fill in your payment information at the bottom, press Next, and on the following page, verify accuracy, and finally click the ‘Proceed With Order’ button.
    • You should get a page that looks like the page below.  This page has your redemption code, which you need to save, along with instructions on how to redeem the code. I would copy and paste the code to a text file, or email yourself a copy.
    • In addition, you will also receive an email from ‘Williams College’ below with a ‘Redeem Now’ link.


    How to renew your Kivuto account


    Click to enlarge.

    If you get a screen like this, your account is expired and need to renew it. Here is how:

    1. Click on your username> a drop down will appear
    2. Click on Your account/orders
    3. Click on the Eligibility tab and follow instructions to renew


    You may need to logout and log back in again to see it updated.







    Downloading the Installer from Adobe

    Both the web page and the email you receive both have a ‘Redeem Now’ button. To continue, click either of the Redeem Now buttons, they will both take you to Adobe’s website.

    The rest of this install takes place on  Please make very important note of the following before proceeding:

    “All Creative Cloud subscriptions via this offer are not renewed automatically. At the end of the 12-month subscription, qualifying WAH and Student users must renew their Creative Cloud subscription via this web portal, only. When redeeming the Creative Cloud redemption code at, WAH and Student users should NOT opt-in for auto renewal and should NOT provide any credit card information.

    Clicking on ‘Redeem Now’ brings you to this page:

    • If you do not have an Adobe ID, you will need to create one.  Click ‘Create an Adobe ID’
    • Fill out the page.  Use your as the email address.  Please remember to use a completely different password than what you use for your Williams Accounts.  When you’re done, press Create.
    • Then Accept the terms.
    • Then, you need to find your school.  Type in Williams College, then click Search.  Choose ‘Williams College’ from the list, and select the appropriate category under Personal Information on whether you’re a student, or teacher, faculty, or staff, then press ‘Continue’
    • At this time, you will also receive an email from Adobe to the email address you provided them.  Your email address needs to be verified with Adobe. Click the ‘Verify Your Email’ link to verify your email address with Adobe.
    • Once the link has been clicked, you should be brought to this page below, which you can just go ahead and close.
    • Now you are back on the Adobe Creative Page.  Go ahead, and press ‘Continue’ You will be brought to a ‘Redeem a redemption code’ screen where you will enter your redemption code that was emailed to you earlier.  When you’re done, press the ‘Activate Membership’ button.
    • This next screen is very important.  You DO NOT want your subscription to automatically renew.  Click ‘Remind me later’ to the right.
    • Then you may click ‘Get Started’
    • After you click on the ‘Get Started’ button, you will be brought to the main Adobe Create Cloud page, where you will sign in with the email address and password you just created.

    Selecting and Installing the Software.

    At this point, you may choose to download and install any of the programs that are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, by pressing the Download button next to the particular application.  You will need to be on a fast Internet Connection.

  • If you are renewing an Adobe license that you purchased in a previous year you have to prove that you are still eligible.

    • To renew your eligibility go to: (web store of one of Adobe's commercial partners, Kivuto) and do the following from your personal computer that has the Adobe Apps already installed.
    • Sign In (top right corner of page)
    • Click the Your Account/Orders link at the top right of the page (it is within the drop down menu which displays when clicking the tiny down arrow to the right of your username)
    • Click the Eligibility tab
    • Click the Renew Eligibility button (there will be a verification page that will display, click the Submit button
    • You will receive an email sent to your Williams email account from Kivuto, follow the instructions within the email to verify eligibility.
    • Return to the OnTheHub online site (you may need to login again)
    • Select the Place New Order link then proceed to the Shopping Cart
      (NOTE: It may take up to 30 minutes for you to proceed to place a new order)
    • Enter your payment information.
    • You will be presented with a Redemption Code.
      (Kivuto handles purchasing support.  Their contact number is:  888 396 1447 (6:00 am - 6:00 pm EST) or via email at 24 hrs.)
    • On the same page will be a Redeem Now button, clicking the button takes you to:
    • Follow the prompts and then enter the Redemption Code
    • On your computer, you will need to sign out of Adobe Creative Cloud then sign in to activate the renewed license.
    • If you are unsure of how to do this go to:  There will be directions for both Mac and Windows users.
    • (Adobe handles installation/activation support.  Their contact number is: 800-585-0774)