Office for Information Technology

Guest Accounts

The Guest Request Form

Temporary guest accounts are available for request by Williams faculty and staff. Guest accounts can be assigned to campus visitors – guest lecturers, short term contractors or anyone who is here doing official business and needs to be able to log in to the campus guest wireless network.


As requestor, you will need to authenticate to access the page.

The Guest Request form asks for some basic information and gives the option of requesting the account for 1 to 5 days, via a dropdown menu. If you want to request the account for a longer period of time you must request an affiliate account.  Faculty should contact the Dean of the Faculty’s office, and Staff should contact the Office of Human Resources.  All fields are mandatory.

The Request Process

As requestor you are assuming responsibility for the actions of the guest while here on campus. Enter the guests real name and a real email address (if the guest does not have an email address, use your own).

Enter the reason a guest account has been requested and a requested duration. The requestor must enter a password for the account.  Guests will not be able to modify this password.

After clicking the Request Account button you will see a guest## and initial password that the requestor entered (see image below).

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