Office for Information Technology

New OIT Website

Welcome to our new site! We’ve had the same website for over 5 years, and it was in dire need of an overhaul. Over the last few months we’ve moved into WordPress, the College’s campus-wide content management system, and have made some significant improvements to our site in the process.

Our goals were to…


OIT had content spread out over 11 different subdomains, which made things difficult for you to find, and for us to update. We’ve tried to pull most of it together here into something more coherent and easier to use.


Now that we’re in WordPress, any OIT staff member can make updates and post announcements, which means the site won’t have the same bit of stale news on the front page for months, or how-to guides for ancient versions of software. As we’re moving things into WordPress, we’re reviewing the content, and doing our best to clean up outdated documentation. You can help us out- all the documentation pages have a mini feedback form on the bottom. If you find something that isn’t accurate or clear, please let us know.

Reorganize & Refocus

Websites that have been around for a while tend to get bloated with useless information. At some point you have to whip out the red editing pen and go to town. We’ve used Google analytics to help us refocus the site on what what you come here for, which is primarily to get help. Now there’s an entire menu dedicated to help (look for the life buoy in the right sidebar), linking to our revamped help documentation. We’ve also tried to make it clearer what services we offer, and how to get in touch with the right people (the A-Z services list).

Make it shiny!

We’ve added (and will continue to add) more graphics, videos, interactivity and personality to the site. This includes more help information to video tutorial format, more ways to give us feedback, a feature story slider, feedburner subscriptions,  staff profiles, a sleek & revamped  equipment loan center, and much more.

Hey, what happened to…

URLs & bookmarks for the old site should continue to work, and redirect you to the corresponding content on the new site. If you’re having trouble finding something, try the search box. If that doesn’t work, you can try looking on the old server (now called, or contacting us at

Also, please Tell us what you think of the new site.