Office for Information Technology


Student Telephones

All student rooms are equipped with modular telephone jacks, but they must be activated using PeopleSoft. Although most students prefer to use cell phones for more convenient communication with friends and family, one can bring a landline phone to use in one’s room.  These should be touch–tone telephones with standard modular connections. The service is more »

Voicemail - Mailbox "Quick Check"

Enter Your Mailbox From On-Campus: Call system phone number: x. 4000 Enter your security code From Off-Campus: Call system phone number: 413-597-4000 Press # Enter your mailbox number (your 4 digit extension/phone number) Enter your security code Quick Message Record message without entering your mailbox Press * Enter recipient’s mailbox number Record your message Hang more »

Conference Calls: "How-to"

Dial and connect with the first party Hit the ‘conf’ button. This will give you a dial tone Dial the second party Hit the ‘conf’ button again to bring both active lines into the conference call

Changing Email Passwords/Passphrases on iPhone & iPod Touch

Click Settings Click Mail, Contacts & Calendars Click on your email account Under Incoming Mail Server – enter your new email password/passphrase Under Outgoing Mail Server – click on SMTP > Under Primary Server – click on on > Under Outgoing Mail Server – enter your new email password/passphrase Hit the button to more »