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OIT helps the Admission Office keep track of prospects, applications, test scores, ratings, and acceptance letters. For more information, visit the Admissions web site.


OIT provides backups for college desktops/laptops and servers. Servers (including websites, network storage space, and all critical College services) are backed up nightly – any data lost in the last 30 days from a server can be restored.

Computers running Windows have Atempo Live-Backup installed, which provides a full backup onto network servers automatically.

OIT provides external hard drives for those who use Apple computers in order to utilize Time Machine, an automated backup option built into the Apple OS

Bandwidth Management

Networks and Systems provides bandwidth management to provide all users with fair and equal bandwidth distribution. This prevents any single user from consuming more than their fair share of our internet connection.

Cell Coverage When Traveling

When making plans for a trip you may need to consider cell phone coverage options, including availability of data, text messaging and international rates.

Both Verizon and AT&T have online trip planning guides:


Classroom Polling (a.k.a. Clickers)

Clickers are classroom polling devices that instantaneously display polling data in the form of a graph on a projection screen or on a handheld device.  They can be used in small classes as well as in large lectures with 200+ students. A class set of 30 clickers can be borrowed from the Equipment Loan Center in the Center for Educational Technology at 413-597-4091.

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Computer/Media Labs

A large number of computers are available on campus in a variety of labs, studios and classroom spaces.  Media studios, for the production of video and print media, are clustered mostly in the Center for Educational Technology while large numbers of general purpose computers are available in both Sawyer and Schow. Specialty labs are also available for GIS/Geosciences, Music, Photography and Languages.

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Course Catalog

Williams has a searchable online course catalog with full course information including detailed course descriptions, class schedules, instructors and links to required textbook information.  The catalog can be found at

Course Registration

Williams provides online registration and many other services using the PeopleSoft Academic Records system.  You can log in using your WMS ID.  See the Registrar’s web site for detailed information about the registration process.

Data Collection Planning

Gathering data for a research project? We can help you plan the way you gather, organize, and store your data to make future analysis as easy and effective as possible.


Data/File Storage

Each faculty staff and student has available network space to store files. People with college provided PCs running Windows access this space using the Novell Netware client. Logging into this client maps an F drive which is personal to the individual, and a G drive which is a shared space for the department. People with Macs access these spaces by logging into Helen, Hector, Achilles or Athena.

Google Apps for Education provides space for files in what is called Google Drive.

Please read the Williams College Cloud Storage Security Policy before using Google Drive


Databases offer a significant increase in power over spreadsheets for organizing and analyzing your data. We help you organize your information into an appropriate structure, set up the database, and teach you how to use it.

Digital Collections

Searchable collections of digital materials allow the collection owners to share source material with students, colleagues or internet researchers. They can contain digitized slides or photos, images, audio or video. Williams maintains over 30 digital collections for use in teaching or as a publication at

Educational Design

We provide assistance with the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of learning materials especially where the usage of technology and multimedia tools enhance students’ learning outcomes.

Electronic Classrooms

Williams’ Electronic Classrooms include a projector, PC and Mac computers, DVD and VHS players, and the option to connect your laptop computer. Call 413-597-2112 for more information or to arrange a personal orientation in your classroom.

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All faculty, staff, and students are provided with an email address. Mail is automatically spam filtered, and can be accessed from a desktop client of your choice, or webmail using the Google client. Both POP/IMAP are available.

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Emergency Notifications

The College has a variety of ways to notify the community in case of emergency, using a mix of on-campus and off-campus resources.  Online communication options include your Williams e-mail address and the College web site.  If you provide us with a cell phone number via HR or Student self-service, we can also contact you by voice or text message.

Equipment Loan Center (ELC)

Digital and analog audio/video equipment can be borrowed by faculty, staff, and current Williams students for academic or college use.  The ELC is located in the Center for Educational Technology and is open M-F 10am – noon

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office uses the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system to manage student aid.  Students can log in to get information about their aid package. For more information, visit the Financial Aid web site.

Financials & Billing

OIT maintains and supports the College’s financials system which tracks all business transactions and generates financial reports.

GIS & Mapping

GIS and maps provide a unique opportunity to question, interpret and visualize data in a manner that is easily understood.

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GLOW (Course Management System)

GLOW is a web-based course management software package.  It provides easy-to-use templates and tools for faculty to put their course materials online. 

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Help Forms

Help Forms for a wide range of OIT services:

Telecom; Computer Requests; Affiliate Accounts; LISTSERV; MeetingMaker and many more

HelpDesk & Tech Support

The Faculty/Staff Support Desk is the primary contact for technology questions. 

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Human Resources (Payroll, Benefits, etc.)

The College uses the PeopleSoft HRMS system for Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits. Employees can log in and view their own pay statements and W-2’s.

IDeaL Initiative

Integrating Digital Literacies (IDL) with Media Mentors. OIT provides student Media Mentors to work for faculty in their courses. The Media Mentors offer training and support to students enrolled in the course undertaking multimedia projects as part of their assignments. The media projects are designed to integrate research and content with digital literacy concepts including: information fluency, visual literacy, media scholarship and digital publishing.

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Internet Access

Williams College provides high speed, redundant connections to the internet through Albany, NY and Springfield, MA.  The “east and west” directions provide geographic diversity as well as vendor diversity, so as to allow maximum uptime and minimum disruption to global information.

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Laptop/Data Encryption

Keep your laptop data safe, even if your machine is stolen.

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Listserv Mailing Lists

OIT hosts ListServ, an e-mail mailing list service that allows people to manage their own mailing lists to send mass e-mails or facilitate group discussions.   Each individual ListServ mailing list highly configurable, allowing list owners to do things like add/remove subscribers, moderate the list, set the reply-to address, etc.

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Media Education Center

The primary location for individual or small group training and support for multimedia projects, digital video production, large format scholarly printing, and more is located in the Center for Educational Technology.

Open weekdays 9-5 with staffed “drop-in” hours 10am – noon, and 2pm – 5pm.

Additional OIT supported media production or collaborative work studios may be found in:

  • Spencer 216
  • Jesup 211.
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Music Lab

Music technology hardware and software is available in the Bernhard Music Lab and in Jesup 204 for your use in music composition, audio editing, audio mixing, and sound synthesis. Music lab stations are equipped with hardware including a Mac, mixing board, midi controller, and Mbox audio interface. Software includes Finale, ProTools, Digital Performer, Peak, Kontakt, and Reason.

Passwords & Accounts

If your password has expired, you can go to the Willams Password Changer to answer the “Challenge Response” questions, and change your own password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can contact the HelpDesk  at 413-597-4090 to have it reset.  Student may call the Student Support Desk at 413-597-3088.

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Peoplesoft Time Clock


As part of the college’s reorganization of administrative processes on campus the Office for Information Technology has agreed to take over support for the telecommunications operations from the Facilities department.

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Williams uses a printing management system called PaperCut. This application works in conjunction with a print server (e.g. CUPS) to manage printing quotas across campus.  This allows for, among other things,  group accounts, replenishment of funds, and reporting.

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Printing from Mobile Devices

Privacy / Information Security

OIT takes the protection of personal and institutional information very seriously. Whether it’s stored on your phone, computer or on a server, we can help you protect the confidential information you manage with advice about safe computing practices.

Programming Support

Do you need to process a large batch of data, or perhaps gather data for your research? Or perhaps you’ve run into a bug in your code and you’re having difficulty tracking it down? We can help you create and fix code for teaching and research projects.

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Remote Access / VPN

Williams College allows faculty, staff and others in the user community, the capability of using Virtual Private Network services to connect to the college’s internal network infrastructure.  VPN technology creates a secure, encrypted connection between the end-user computer and our central VPN appliance.  This connection, essentially, makes the external computer look like a local computer on our network.  Some of the benefits of this type of connection are that external users can use licensed applications that are available only to our internal IP space, print to Williams printers, and access campus resources without defining or using a proxy.

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OIT provides a number of services to insure our network is as safe as possible including:

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS): monitors for malicious software or activities.
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): protects our networks from hacking & unauthorized access.
  • SafeConnect: ensures that computers on our network meet security standards.
  • Malware monitoring & protection
  • Automatic spam & virus filtering for email

Social Media

Lost in the buzzwords? We present and explain the tools of the modern web, how they can be useful to you, and what their limitations are.

Software Development

Need to illustrate a particular concept, work on a specialized problem, or provide another way to explore some data? We work with you to create desktop or web based applications for your teaching and research.

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Software Downloads

Williams College licenses many software programs for use by Williams faculty, staff and students. Installers for the most of the licensed programs are available for download from OIT’s software site.

Streaming Video

Digital video and video clips can be stored on a server and accessed by students, faculty, or staff from on campus or off. Video can be digitized in various facilities in the CET, and delivered through Glow in a course-restricted web page.

Technology and Software Advice

Have a task or problem and you’re looking for the right tool for it? We can help you find and evaluate the software and services that could get the job done. We can also advise you on current trends and issues in IT and how they might affect your project.

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Technology Project Consulting

Planning a web, software, or data project? We help you understand the options, develop the specs, ask the right questions, and decode the jargon before you hire a developer.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to connect a class to a class, an individual to a a class, or a class to an individual. Setup and assistance is available from Media Services. Two weeks’ notice is suggested.  Skype training and assistance is also available for in-class Skype use.

Video/Audio Conversion & Duplication

Help yourself and assisted services are available in the CET on the second floor of Sawyer.  Itech staff will provide instruction and assistance if needed. Please bring your own blank media and limit copies to 10. Media services offers additional duplication services to faculty.

Videotaping Assistance

The Media Services/Classroom Support staff wants to help you with your videotaping questions and with planning your video shoot.

Professional Quality

If your goal is to capture video suitable for editing into a movie for presentation on the web or in public, hiring a professional videographer will produce the best results.  A professional can devote their full attention to lighting, sound and other details that are critical to an effective video presentation.  Media Services/Classroom Support can recommend professionals in the area with proven track records.

Basic Archival Document Quality

If your goal is to capture legible video/audio for future reference or basic archiving,you can borrow a video camera and tripod from the Equipment Loan Center ( or 413.597.4091).  Media Services/Classroom Support can meet with you to discuss how you can make the best use of the camera to capture your activity.

Direct to Web

You may already have a camera on your handheld device that will allow you to capture and upload video directly to the web.  Contact your Itech liaison for assistance with this process.

If you have other questions about having your activity videotaped please contact us and we will be glad to work with you towards a solution.

Virus & Malware Protection

At Williams, we currently are using Sophos Antivirus on PCs and Macs for antivirus software. Sophos Antivirus is free to install on your home computers, if you are a current faculty or staff member. You can download Sophos from

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VMware (Virtual Servers)

Almost all college servers are virtual (i.e. not separate physical machines), which reduces our electricity requirements and environmental impact. Virtual servers can easily be swapped out for maintenance without causing interruptions in service, which means better uptime & reliability for our users.

Websites & Blogs

Anyone with a Williams account can quickly create a blog/personal website, hosted by OIT. Simply log in at with your regular Williams username and password, and a WordPress site will automatically be created for you.

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We provide a robust wiki service at where Williams users can post documentation such as policies, meeting minutes, or how-to instructions. This information can be made public or restricted to a specific group of people. As with all wikis, its content is searchable, and it’s very easy to edit and add new content.


Wireless access is available to all Williams users from anyplace on campus.

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Workshops & Training

We offer classes in a variety of topics including software training, website development, audio/video capture & editing, and information security. Tutorials, custom workshops, in-class instruction, and private group training are also available by request.

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